Common mistakes to avoid when restoring a car

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Classic car restoration can be a fun and fulfilling hobby. But Gene Bernshtam notes that it can be a risky and costly endeavor, especially for those who do not have enough experience yet. To limit possible slipups, it is best to learn from other peoples’ mistakes, which are discussed below.

  • <b>Beginning without a plan</b>: Many restoration projects go off the rails when no plan is written out. It does not matter if the project is small or large. A plan that includes a schedule of activities and expected expenses at the minimum should be developed first.
  • <b>Not choosing the right restoration type</b>: There are different levels of car restoration projects: driving condition, street show, show car, and concourse. Before deciding on anything else on the project, Gene Bernshtam advises selecting what restoration type to pursue. This will determine how long the project will take, the parts needed, and the overall cost of the work.
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  • <b>Rebuilding the engine too early</b>: There have been many instances where engines had been built early in the process, only for them to deteriorate in one corner. Additionally, engine rebuild can be costly, which can affect the portions of the budget needed for other tasks, like bodywork.
  • <b>Being frugal with metalwork and paint</b>: Some restorers try to save up on finances by cutting corners when it comes to bodywork. However, this is considered a false economy. While other mechanical works can be redone little by little, the same cannot be said about metalwork and paint jobs. Addressing any substandard bodywork will require starting over.  The only way to save on bodywork is to do things right the first time.

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Real estate corner: The benefits of walkable cities

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different areas where this has been proven to better the wellness of citizens in various places around the world. One example is obesity rates, which have continued to grow in recent years.

For example, a study of Toronto neighborhoods revealed that neighborhoods where many people walk to work, have lower rates of obesity. Further studies found the same results for children’s health across North America. Additionally, there are better options for public transport, which means less chance of pollution and traffic congestion around the city.

The best cities to walk in are sidewalks and shops close enough for short distances, with good lighting and a few benches so people can stop and rest. These small things all contribute to the sense of community and healthiness of the place you live in.

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The benefits of walkable cities include fewer crimes, better school ratings, and more economic gains. In fact, some of the best cities in the world with the happiest residents are mostly walkable cities.

Furthermore, there are vast environmental benefits in the long run. Many cities worldwide have already begun to increase green spaces and make more walkable areas, which is a positive step forward in the health of people living in those cities, Gene Bernshtam adds.

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Classic cars:  Recognizing a lucky find and getting it

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Gene Bernshtam is always excited about the prospect of bringing old cars back to life. In fact, he is one with all the passionate car restoration aficionados out there who can recognize a lucky find when they see one.

Recently, no less than Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer secured a bright orange 1976 Land Rover Series 3, one of the classiest 4×4 vehicles around. The challenge with these acquisitions of old classics is that they are nearly impossible to register, especially in California.

When it comes to securing registration for vehicles from the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, car owners face a common issue: smog testing, which prevents them from being registered, notes Gene Bernshtam. However, with today’s environmental considerations, testing for older cars has been less favorable because older engine technology hardly complies with emission standards that evolve.

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This particular Land Rover Series 3 is considered a lucky find because it is already a registered vehicle, even in its idle state in downtown Los Angeles. Many car collectors would pounce on the opportunity to get a fully restored classic Land Rover, even if this comes at a huge cost, but the reality is that hardly any of them are registered.

Even relatively newer models such as Land Rover Defenders are still functional and useful today, but they can’t be registered easily due to smog testing. With Mike Brewer’s model of buying and selling cars for profit, all he needs to do is restore this unit to perfection, with almost a guarantee that a pure collector is waiting for the opportunity to own one.

Gene Bernshtam is a passionate car collector. As a restoration expert, he has also participated in various car restoration projects. For updates, visit this page.

A deeper look at the supply crunch on US apartments

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Gene Bernshtam is known for restoring old car models to perfection and making them as roadworthy as they were when they first rolled out of the factory. Apart from being a car enthusiast, Gene is also a seasoned real estate executive. In this blog post, he offers insights on the supply crunch on US apartments.

For the past few years, apartment occupancy in the United States has been near record levels. The strong demand for apartments comes from solid job formation and limited loss of renters that choose home purchase over rent and widespread availability on appealing properties across various cities around the country, explains Gene Bernshtam.

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Construction has been far behind demand for the past few years, attributed to various economic challenges. However, it finally seems that developers are starting to catch on. In most areas, especially near booming real estate markets, availability is concentrated on newly built developments rather than older apartment communities or properties that have seen better days.

This means that product is becoming scarcer by the day as more people move into these newer buildings. In the meantime, waiting list requests pile up at property management companies’ offices every single day.

At the rate things are going, it appears that developers will have their work cut out for them in the foreseeable future. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues throughout the next few years or simply a blip based on construction activity.

Gene Bernshtam is the secretary of state for the Lamborghini Club of America in Illinois. He is also a recognized real estate executive. For updates, visit this page.

How running can help people cope with mental health issues

Gene Bernshtam may be into weightlifting, but like many fitness enthusiasts, he does take his cardio seriously. He understands that cardio exercises, especially running, have their advantages.

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For this blog, Gene Bernshtam discusses one of the best benefits of running.

Gene Bernshtam shares that more people have depression than the statistics show according to the World Health Organization. This is connected to the social stigma associated with the mental health issue that caused many people to suffer ignorance or shame. Still, those who were diagnosed face the challenge of finding the proper treatment plan for their condition.

Several factors, reportedly a blend of biological, social, and physical reasons, result in depression, affecting how doctors and mental health professionals treat depression. As a result, many doctors and therapists have suggested treatment methods that include medication, therapy, or alternative forms of healing.

One of the most highly promoted treatments is running. This type of exercise is more than ideal because there is not much investment needed other than determination. In addition, there are many places where people can do their outdoor runs – all they need are their running shoes and comfortable running attire.

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Running involves constant movement. Gene Bernshtam explains the repetitive motion can be soothing and can even temper negative thoughts and feelings when combined with relaxing music. Like any other exercise, this activity also produces endorphins, which help stabilize mood and alleviate anxiety.

That said, Gene Bernstham is quick to remind everyone that while running is good for people struggling with depression, it is not a replacement for therapy and treatment of depression.

Gene Bernshtam graduated from the Loyola Business School with a degree in finance. After receiving his Series 7 and 63 licenses, he worked for an investment banking firm. He is presently the CEO in a real estate development and investment company. Visit this page for updates.

Five ways to improve business leadership

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Often, employees leave a workplace for its toxicity rather than the demands of their job. One of the factors they jump ship is ineffective leadership. When leaders fail to provide employees with opportunities to grow and learn, leaders risk the business sinking and their workers running.

To improve business leadership, one must learn to work with their team, not over them. Some leaders have the tendency to lord over their employees, which can be a toxic trait. Getting into the nitty-gritty of the job with them routinely gives leaders a good understanding of what they can expect from their employees. A good leader can inspire their team, points out Gene Bernshtam. Employees follow a leader whose mission they understand and agree with.

Positive business leadership requires that one understands their team isn’t perfect. With this approach, it will be easier to see points for improvement, notice members of the team who may need coaching, and rally the team to achieve excellence. Successful business leaders have their own leadership style. It is integral that a leader knows what type of leader they are. This would help them acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, communicating them well with how they motivate them.

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According to Gene Bernshtam, leaders seeking to improve need to be humble. Employees are repelled by leaders who think more highly of themselves. Leaders who acknowledge their mistakes and weaknesses allow themselves and their team to grow and learn together. Leading with humility makes for a cohesive and inclusive culture.

Gene Bernshtam has been a CEO of multiple companies. He currently leads commercial real estate investment and development firm Avalon Holdings LLC, which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Head over to this blog for regular updates.

Chicago real estate trends in 2021

The year 2021 looks promising for Chicago’s real estate. Rising home prices and competition among buyers are just some indicators that a remarkable recovery is happening in the windy city. Gene Bernshtam looks at some of the trends that is putting Chicago in a better position, so far, this year.

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Rising prices

A common indicator of real estate recovery, prices have slowly gone up in Chicago. According to a report published on March 22, the median home price in February was $270,000 for Chicago’s primary metropolitan area, an increase of 12.5% from the same month last year. Compare this for the entire state of Illinois, the median home price is much lower at $226,983, a 14.1% increase also from the same period as last year.

More vacancies in high-rise buildings

Gene Bernshtam notes that the Covid-19 pandemic has people moving out of dense, high-rise type of living, and seeking more space, but with less interaction with people. This opens an opportunity for those who value personal space and could live comfortably in a much smaller footprint. Property managers are offering them now as they aim to fill up those vacancies. But don’t expect these offerings to last.

Chicago as ideal for investment

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People from pricier cities are gravitating toward Chicago to invest. This growing interest from so-called out-of-town investors has been apparent since February, as they see Chicago as more affordable than the expensive places where they live such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. The pattern is observed among Chicago home-buyers as well, when they invest in a duplex or a three-flat building where they would live in one unit and rent out the rest to earn income.

Gene Bernshtam is a real estate professional who currently heads Avalon Holdings LLC – a commercial real estate investment and development firm which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Outside of work, Gene enjoys auto collecting, traveling, scuba diving, and weightlifting. To know more, you may visit this website.

A walk-through on weight training and its benefits

When trying to have a leaner figure, people often head to the treadmill and clock in hours with the hope to shed all unwanted pounds. For many folks, engaging in weight training is equivalent to building a Hulk-like physique: large, heavy, and extremely muscular. Gene Bernshtam shares in this post the truth about weight training and its benefits.

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In general, regular and proper weight training improves a person’s health. It’s important to build strength from the ground up to prevent weight training-related injuries. Proper weight training strengthens the bones as it increases a person’s bone density. Some studies suggest that doing weight training while following a proper diet helps reverse the bone loss related to osteoporosis, a disease distinguished by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.

Weight training increases a person’s metabolism. Regular weightlifting burns fats and replaces these with muscle mass. The more muscle a person has, the more they can burn fat even when resting. When bones and muscles are healthy, the body’s overall composition is improved. Combining weight training with cardio exercises will definitely enhance one’s body composition.

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Proper weight training allows the body to become more resilient. Having good form ensures that one does not suffer from exercise-related or random physical injuries, shares Gene Bernshtam. Another great thing about weight training is that it improves a person’s overall physical fitness. Mundane tasks can be done with comfort, ease, and confidence, thanks to stronger bones and muscles.

Gene Bernshtam has been a CEO of multiple companies. Outside of his work, he enjoys collecting cars, traveling, scuba diving, and weightlifting. Visit this page for more posts like this.

What everyone should know about contemporary style

When it comes to choosing a design theme, Avalon Holdings LLC opts for a more contemporary style to design their properties. Gene Bernshtam, the company CEO, personally prefers this design because of its simplicity and modern look. Although sometimes it can be hard to tell, which is contemporary or which is not, there are ways to determine exactly when it is indeed contemporary.

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Contemporary style is known for its use of neutral colors. Walls are painted in a basic neutral to provide a calm and soothing backdrop for accessories in bright and bold colors. For example, if the walls are painted in a pastel hue, the trims are kept neutral.

Lines and space

The line is the most distinctive element in contemporary style. It follows then that space is highlighted because of the strong emphasis on strong and visible lines. To achieve this, furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum, allowing the bareness of space between them to stand out.

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Lighting is used in contemporary style in order to make a statement. Accent lighting is used to highlight a piece wall art. Recessed lighting, track lighting or wall-mounted fixtures enable ambient lighting on a majority of an area. Task lighting such as pendant lights and desk lamps are used to assist us in completing a particular task, Gene Bernshtam points out.

Minimum accessories

“Less is more” is the underlying principle in a contemporary style. There has to be less decorative accents that would undermine the primacy of space. Keeping one’s room free from excess clutter will allow everything else to stand out.

Gene Bernshtam is a real estate professional who currently heads commercial real estate investment and development firm Avalon Holdings LLC, which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Avalon also designs its properties, favoring a contemporary theme. Outside of work, Gene enjoys auto collecting, traveling, scuba diving, and weightlifting. To know more about Gene, you may visit this website.

Business leadership: Fostering a strong work ethic

According to Gene Bernshtam, there is absolutely no substitute for a strong work ethic. A strong work ethic is what sets apart the best leaders and employees from the rest. Fortunately for many people looking to excel at work or being a leader, work ethic can be learned and developed.

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For today’s blog, Gene Bernshtam reviews three essential traits the comprise a strong work ethic.

Determination: It’s no surprise that determination is a key ingredient to a strong work ethic. Gene Bernshtam explains that roadblocks and setbacks will always be an unavoidable part of life. Determination is what keeps people from waving the white flag when challenges become too difficult. Soldiering on despite the hardships is a true mark of a strong work ethic.

Humility: At first glance, humility may be connected to a strong work ethic. However, a person who is truly humble has a clear idea of what his weaknesses are. He works doubly hard on them so that he may perform to the best of his abilities. He also acknowledges the capabilities of those under him when they come up with solutions that benefit the entire team. Being humble also involves being open-minded when corrected and giving the best effort for the team’s sake.

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Professionalism: Like the previous two traits, professionalism is a trait that people with strong work ethics cannot do without. In competitive scenarios, this quality shows a person’s dedication to the job. This can also show people that a person is willing to go the distance for what they do, so it works very well together with determination and humility, Gene Bernshtam adds.

Gene Bernshtam is a commercial real estate and development professional and car collector. He currently leads Avalon Holdings LLC, which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Visit this page for similar updates.