Traveling with electronic gadgets: Safety tips and reminders

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Business leader, car enthusiast, and avid traveler Gene Bernshtam says that while electronic gadgets such as smartphones and GPS devices may be incredibly useful during a trip, these devices are sensitive and vulnerable, and almost always require protection and constant attention for them to be in good working order.

On that note, Gene Bernshtam shares with everyone tips and reminders when traveling with gadgets in tow.

Is there enough power and back-up?

Batteries are often overlooked by travelers, according to Gene Bernshtam. Bringing back-up batteries will save travelers the time and hassle of looking for places in which to charge their devices.

Do all the gadgets have protective covering?

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Many places, although beautiful, are wetter or dustier than others. It’s these elements (the water, moisture, and smaller, microscopic particles) which can get into gadgets and cause damage. Also, at times, it may be unavoidable, but gadgets often hit other solid objects. To minimize the damage during these instances, protective covering is very much recommended.

Are there any connectivity settings that need to be changed?

Nowadays, most electronic gadgets can connect to the internet with ease. However, sometimes a few settings have to be toggled and tweaked in order to connect to public Wi-Fi, Gene Bernshtam adds.

Avalon Holdings LLC’s Gene Bernshtam believes that good work ethic is the key to success. He got his start in an investment banking firm shortly after graduating with a degree in finance from the Loyola Business School. During his free time, he loves to travel. For more info on Gene and his work, go to this page.

Leadership and fitness: Business lessons learned from exercising

Entrepreneurs are leaders with vision, grit, determination, discipline, and commitment. All these qualities can be sharpened in many ways, and one of them is by going to the gym. Sticking to a fitness plan encourages entrepreneurs to stick to their business plans to see their brands soar.

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Fitness trainers often ask their clients their reason for applying for a gym membership as this helps them understand their decision, shares Gene Bernshtam. In business, it’s incredibly important to know the “why” in building a company. An entrepreneur’s motivation to start a company will drive their routine and help set goals towards business success. At the beginning of a fitness program, trainers usually test the cardiovascular health of a client.

Doing this helps determine the safe pace as they progress and help identify the program’s next steps. When new team members join a company, entrepreneurs must first appeal to their hearts, aligning their passions with the brand’s vision and core values. In fitness and business, staying on the course means practicing discipline, developing a routine that works, and managing time effectively in all areas of one’s life.

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According to Gene Bernshtam, mental toughness is incredibly important in making it huge in the business world. Competitors, and sometimes stakeholders, could be sources of negativity. Much like in sticking to a fitness journey, entrepreneurs must persist in dealing with negativity. Allow every mistake to become a learning moment. Let their “no” fuel the company’s success. Businesses, especially startups, are bombarded with terrifying situations and uncertainties. Reframing every negative thought into a positive one is a strength every business leader should possess.

Gene Bernshtam has been a CEO of multiple companies. He currently leads commercial real estate investment and development firm Avalon Holdings, LLC. Mr. Benshtam believes that a good work ethic is essential to attaining success. In his downtime, he enjoys collecting cars, traveling, scuba diving, and weightlifting. Visit this page for more updates.

Weightlifter’s corner: Should people try CrossFit?

Gene Bernshtam always makes it a point to stay fit. Even during the pandemic, he hasn’t stopped his exercise routines, doing whatever he can at home. He believes it plays a huge role in his productivity and quality of work. He sometimes blogs about it, too.

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For today’s blog, Gene Bernshtam shares his thoughts on CrossFit, and if it’s worth a try.

Before anything else, for those who are unfamiliar with CrossFit, it is a hybrid between a sport and a workout. It is a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weightlifting. It incorporates various weightlifting techniques and requires practitioners to accomplish a series of movements in a limited amount of time.

One of the main differences between CrossFit and traditional gym routines is that the former doesn’t follow a schedule or a split. CrossFit workouts are mostly full-body routines and are incredibly anaerobic. It is extremely intense and has been subject to scrutiny, as many experts deem that CrossFitters sacrifice form for repetition.

However, the results have been undeniable. According to Gene Bernshtam, everyone he knows who’s practiced CrossFit for at least a few months at least three times a week has either gotten stronger, leaner, or both, and experienced weight loss. But Gene cautions people that it may take a while to get used to the physical demand CrossFit has on one’s body. But when they do overcome it, the results are legitimate.

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Gene Bernshtam graduated from Loyola Business School with a degree in finance. He received Series 7 and 63 licenses that allowed him to work for an investment banking firm right after college. He then started an auto business and a real estate company. For more reads on automobiles and sports cars, visit this blog.

Five qualities to develop for incredible work ethic

A set of moral principles, moral ethic defines a person’s performance at their job. Others describe it as the belief in the moral advantage and significance of work and its intrinsic capacity to build a person’s character. A few elements make an incredible work ethic. In this blog, Gene Bernshtam walks his readers through the qualities that build it.

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Integrity means acting the same way when even people are not watching. Having integrity ensures that an individual works consistently and with excellence. Individuals practicing integrity take responsibility for their actions and are honest at all times. Next to integrity is quality of work. An individual’s effectiveness and efficacy at work speak of their commitment to their job. Those who deliver results and exceed expectations maintain a strong work ethic.

Discipline is displaying excellence even during bad days. This quality keeps individuals focused, determined, and dedicated to do their job with excellence. There is no way employees can become productive without having discipline. Professionalism is a broad quality that is often synonymous with maintaining a strong work ethic. According to Gene Bernshtam, the way a person conducts themselves at work and in the midst of other individuals is reflective of how they value professionalism.

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Teamwork is a factor that molds an employee’s work ethic as it speaks of how they manage their relationships at work in order to reach a common goal. Being a part of an organization requires a person to work well with others to deliver results.

Gene Bernshtam has been a CEO of multiple companies. He currently leads commercial real estate investment and development firm Avalon Holdings LLC, which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. He believes that good work ethic is essential to becoming successful. For more updates, head over to this blog.

The link between effective leadership and fitness

In senior-level executives, regular exercise is correlated with higher leadership skills. The habit of working out builds skills integral to leading, managing, and achieving great results. For aspiring business leaders, it’s not enough to develop leadership skills. One must improve it in significant ways, and one way to do that is to hit the gym or go for a run.

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Gene Bernshtam shares that regular exercise is good for the brain. A study conducted by Penn State discovered that individuals who exercised regularly a month prior to the day of the testing fared better on the memory test than those who lived a sedentary lifestyle. Self-confidence, not arrogance, is developed through regular exercise. Leaders must have the ambition to do more and reach higher goals, which can be trained in the gym.

In general, leaders inspire their teams. Setting an excellent example of taking great care of one’s own mind and body through fitness inspires discipline, strength, and perseverance among teams. Encouraging continuous improvement is part of every good leadership. Physical fitness achievements are testaments of continuous personal development which benefits one’s leadership.

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It is easy to feel stressed and anxious at work, says Gene Bernshtam. Exercising regularly reduces stress and combats anxiety. The key to maintaining good relationships in the workplace is having emotional balance. An incredibly important element in every successful leadership, collaboration is developed by engaging in sports. Team sports, or even practicing with a personal trainer, inspires teamwork and collaboration in a person.

Gene Bernshtam currently leads commercial real estate investment and development firm Avalon Holdings, LLC, which specializes in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. Outside of his work, he enjoys weightlifting. For more updates, head over to this page.

Fitness 101: The four kings of exercises

Real estate developer and car enthusiast Gene Bernshtam also spends a lot of his time lifting weights and getting in shape. He shares some fitness tips which he has learned over the years in his series of blogs.

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For today’s blog, Gene Bernshtam looks at the four greatest exercises, which every person will surely need to reach their fitness goals.

Squats: The common misconception about squats is that they develop the legs. When done correctly, squats hit almost every muscle in the body. Even air squats, which don’t involve barbells, still manage to tone the legs, core, and back.

Deadlifts: The one exercise that increases strength more than any other movement, the deadlift has been a favorite of heavy lifters for decades. Just like squats, deadlifts develop every major muscle group, especially when one goes heavy, Gene Bernshtam adds.

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Push-ups: Push-ups have been done by almost every person in history in almost every fitness routine ever since fitness routines were invented. Whether in school or military boot camp, or CrossFit boxes, everyone everywhere is doing this staple of bodyweight exercises.

Pull-up: If push-ups are the staple of bodyweight exercises, pull-ups are the ultimate test of body strength. Executing a proper pull-up without assistance means a person has mastered their body weight, which is (or should be) one of the main goals of any fitness enthusiast, according to Gene Bernshtam.

Gene Bernshtam graduated from the Loyola Business School with a finance degree. He received Series 7 and 63 licenses, which allowed him to work for an investment banking firm right after his undergraduate studies. He has been a CEO in a real estate development and investment company, as well as an auto business. Visit this page for updates.


Get things done by developing a good work ethic

Times are changing, and the workflow is being modified to keep employees safe. But these days, it can still be hard to stay focused and get things done. Businessman and CEO Gene Bernshtam shares a few tips to develop a good work ethic.

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Stop putting off tasks.

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. Making time to prioritize the day’s work will give an overview of what’s to come. It will also allow a person to decide which task goes first and which one can be done quickly. On the one hand, many people suggest that doing the hardest task first will keep a person productive for the rest of the day. On the other hand, some find that doing easier tasks boosts their confidence, which in turn keeps them focused for the rest of the day.

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Eliminate distractions

There are days when it seems that there’s just a lot of distractions that keep a person’s attention away from their work. Whether in the office or at home, one should learn how to eliminate these productivity blocks. According to Gene Bernshtam, this requires a careful evaluation of habits. From personal concerns, social media, and background noises to sports news, online shopping, and food, a person should be able to identify what keeps them away from doing their best at work. Blocking websites, playing calming music, or keeping oneself full and hydrated might look like simple things, but they might keep a person away from being easily distracted.

Show up prepared

Dressing for the part, soaking up the knowledge, and having what they need for the day will improve others’ impression of a person. Coming to work prepared will allow a person to do their best. Instead of scrambling to prepare stuff or assemble a team, doing some things in advance will lead a person to maximize their work hours.

Commercial real estate professional Gene Bernshtam was born in Eastern Europe. He graduated from the Loyola Business School with a degree in finance. His interests include collecting cars, weightlifting, scuba diving, and traveling. For more on Gene Bernshtam, visit this page.


Smart practices of top real estate agents

Real estate is not for the faint-hearted. Professionals in the industry always have to be on top of their game for successful transactions. Gene Bernshtam, a real estate developer and investor shares the smart practices of top real estate agents.

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They are up to date with their licenses and certifications.

State law requires real estate agents to renew their licenses after several years. This is so they would be aware of current laws and other trends in the industry that can be useful in their work. Knowledge of their community, as well as the situation of their local market, will help them give their clients the best service.

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They stay on top of architecture and economic trends.

A real estate professional with a genuine interest in architecture has leverage over others in the industry. Being knowledgeable about designs, new features, and trends will keep potential buyers interested. On top of this, being aware of the current economic situation will allow a real estate agent or broker to explain to clients the causes behind market prices effectively.

They develop good rapport with their clients.

According to Gene Bernshtam, it’s not just about being bubbly or friendly with clients. Effective real estate agents know how to resonate with the needs of their clients. They are also honest in their dealings and are confident with what they’re selling. Sometimes, a real estate professional’s attitude can greatly affect the course of a deal. Showing clients one’s best traits and work ethic will surely bring rewards.

Gene Bernshtam graduated from the Loyola Business School with a finance degree. He received Series 7 and 63 licenses, which allowed him to work for an investment banking firm right after his undergraduate studies. He has been a CEO in a real estate development and investment company, as well as an auto business. Visit this page for updates.


Is multifamily real estate the way to go?

It has been said many times before how real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. People will always need space to live, work, run their businesses, and do all the things they need to do. And since the real estate industry has a ton of opportunities for people who want to invest their money in, Gene Bernshtam explores one of the more sought-after types of properties – multifamily real estate.

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First off, it is important to note that while many young investors are discouraged at the prospect of putting money in multifamily real estate citing numerous reasons, Gene Bernshtam mentions that if done correctly, the rewards are well worth the work. Like most, if not all, major investments, investing in multifamily real estate requires in-depth planning. It is not as daunting as any other undertaking of similar scope – it is simply different.

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For many entrepreneurs who choose to invest in multifamily real estate, living in one unit of the property poses a convenience, as the rest of the units are left to be rented out and managed. It also allows investors an easier avenue for mortgage and maintenance payment, with the rent of all the other units taking care of a large chunk of the various bills of the property. Multifamily real estate also provides several tax benefits courtesy of the IRS, Gene Bernshtam adds.

Gene Bernshtam leads Avalon Holdings LLC and its affiliated entities. Specializing in apartment buildings and mixed-use properties, Avalon provides investment, development, management, repositioning underperforming real estate assets, and consulting services. For more real estate updates, visit this page.

Are parking garages the next wave of mixed-use properties?

Gene Bernshtam has had quite a career in real estate. He has witnessed some of the biggest trends in the industry. Over the past few decades, Gene has seen the rise in mixed-use properties or structures that have more than a single-use such as condo buildings with commercial spaces below and residential units on the upper floors.

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For this blog, Gene discusses a more radical (for lack of a better word) type of mixed-use property – converted parking garages.

At present, several developers all over the country have been converting parking garages to accommodate more than just cars. With the vision of architects, the expertise of engineers, and efforts of construction companies, residential and commercial spaces have been added to some public parking garages.

Done right, Gene Bernshtam agrees that it’s a winning scenario for everyone involved since parking spaces have become just as in-demand as living spaces and business areas. It also contributes significantly to the rise of business centers confined to within a single city block. With the addition of mixed-use parking garages, residents, as well as employees, can park, work, and live in the area without needing to suffer the long travel between work and home, or the stress of merely looking for a parking spot.

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While the concept and construction of mixed-use parking garages, in general, are still in their infancy, Gene Bernshtam is confident that Americans will see more of these structures and enjoy its benefits in the decade to come.

Avalon Holdings, LLC’s Gene Bernshtam graduated from the Loyola Business School with a degree in finance. He received Series 7 and 63 licenses that allowed him to work for an investment banking firm right after college. He then started an auto business and a real estate company. More on Mr. Bernshtam’s work and interests here.